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The best platform for availing highest grade Aluminium Sheets, Tin Ingots, Aluminium Silver Wire and many more items.
About Our Company 

Metalsplanet is a non-ferrous and ferrous metals E-commerce platform of Toyota Tsusho India Pvt. Ltd. that allows buyers and sellers to buy and sell material at multiple price options such as List, Bid, and LME. Buyers have the option of purchasing material from available suppliers at target prices within the agreed-upon delivery time. Customers get the best quality offerings such as Aluminium Round Billets, Zinc Ingots, Aluminium Plain Circles, and much more. This vertical has partnered with reputable banks to provide Nodal Account services and Buy Credit Cards to customers. The available credit limits on such credit cards act as an alternative credit limit for Buyers. 

This reliable trader and supplier offers a metal hedging service for sellers based on MCX and LME prices, reducing the risk of market price fluctuations for both sellers and buyers. It has partnered with reputable logistics companies in India to provide secure and safe logistics services with real-time tracking. The website allows vendors and purchasers to track the cargo's whereabouts in real time and estimate when it will arrive at their facility. It is well-known for insuring all such merchandise with India's reputable insurance companies, which is collected from the Seller's warehouse and sent to the Buyer's for prompt and efficient claim settlement in the event of a claim. Buyers have a possibility to make E-Invoices and E-Way bill through the business and fulfill necessary compliance as notified by Goods & Services Tax Council ( GST) every once in a while.

Parent Company

Toyota Tsusho India Private Limited (Toyota Tsusho India) is an ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified firm that was founded in 1999 as a joint venture between Toyota Tsusho Corporation and KSL. TTIPL business activities are currently based in Karnataka and Bangalore with offices in New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Manesar, Visakhapatnam, Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Chennai. The company has built its shop in Bangalore to carry out the Global Toyota Plan project. TTIPL serves as a steel manufacturing and overall logistics service provider for TKM and its Parts suppliers, as well as dealing with diverse commodities related to import and export. TTIPL believes in and follows Toyota Tsusho Corporation's three business fields' key principles for conducting business activities: Mobility is a type of business that aims to create a more convenient society for everyone. Resource & Environment-A business that adds to a sustainable future through services such as Energy & Project, Rare Earth Products, and Recycling.

Buy / Sell Based On Lme Formula

Together with their list price, sellers might opt to sell material using the Bid and LME index formulas. Buyers can purchase offerings like Aluminium Plain Circles, Zinc Ingots, etc., based on the Bid and LME price index formulas from Sellers who have chosen to sell material based on the LME.

Buy Securely And Sell With Confidence

  • Buyers have the option of purchasing material at the published price or placing a bid to purchase material at a preferred price. Buyers can purchase material based on the LME market prices from sellers who have chosen to sell based on the LME pricing index.
  • RTGS, NEFT, and Purchase Cards are all options for buyers to pay and receive money. According to RBI guidelines, the collected is kept in a Nodal Account until it is disbursed.
  • Metals Planet allows manufacturers, traders, and importers to register and sell ferrous and non-ferrous metals. There is no cost to register.
  • Sellers are paid on time and without any follow-up. They save money that would otherwise be spent on marketing, documentation and follow-up.
  • Sellers can make changes to their inventory and prices as needed.

Financial and Logistics Support 

ICICI Bank, a banking partner, will provide purchase cards to willing customers with a 45-day credit period. Buyers can use their approved credit limits while purchasing materials from Metals Planet. Sellers can have their own logistics and adjust the freight costs for shipment of items such as Aluminium Round Billets, Zinc Ingots, etc., if they like, or they can use metals planets partner logistics. Buyers are automatically notified of shipment status via SMS/email. They can also track the whereabouts of their materials in real time.
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